Hour of Code

What is Hour of Code?  

"The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.  Anybody can host an Hour of Code anytime, but the grassroots campaign goal is for tens of millions of students to try an Hour of Code during December 7-13, in celebration of Computer Science Education Week."     (from https://hourofcode.com/us)

Here are some resources for Students, Parents and Teachers to participate in Hour of Code:

K - 2


Isle of Tune is an IPad app that lets students build a musical street.  A tone plays as cars drive by houses, trees and street lamps.  Advanced users can write and orchestrate popular songs!


Scratch, Jr is an IPad app that even very young children can use to code cartoon animals.  They can code animals to move, talk, and interact, creating a story.

3 - 4


Minecraft has joined Hour of Code!  This tutorial will help older students program a character through the Minecraft world.


Star Wars has joined Hour of Code!  Students can program BB8 to navigate through a virtual Star Wars World.  


Botlogic lets students use simple commands to guide a robot through a maze.  


Similar to Botlogic, Artbot lets students guide a robot through a maze.  Once completed, users are rewarded with a picture of original student art! 


One could argue that this was the game that started the coding movement! Scratch allows users to program complex characters to interact, creating an original story.